The Tireless Teacher Toolkit: 51 Mini Lessons for Language Arts Teachers

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A teacher’s time in the classroom is their #1 resource. A teacher who cannot manage their time well is a teacher who will struggle day in and day out.

Even the best teachers struggle with time management, and oftentimes through no fault of their own. Sometimes the most thoughtfully planned out lessons simply go faster than the teacher anticipated. Sometimes an unexpected fire drill interrupts the students’ workflow and sends a lesson off-course. Sometimes teachers have one prep with fifteen students and another with thirty, which dramatically impacts the length of a lesson. Sometimes there’s something happening in the news that day that causes everyone to be distracted. Sometimes teachers just look out at the sea of faces before them in the classroom and realize that the kids are simply not paying attention anymore.

Oh, and that doesn’t even take into consideration that teachers are, in fact, human. (Shocking, I know!) Sometimes they don’t sleep well. Sometimes they’re distracted by events in their personal lives. Sometimes, like all humans, they forget things.

All teachers have been there. Many times. In fact, it’s probably more accurate to say this happens constantly.

In those moments, teachers have a choice. They can throw their hands up and give kids fifteen minutes to chat with each other, catch up on other work (valuable, sometimes), or put their heads down to take a quick cat nap (not recommended), or they can use those moments to teach something. Not something that the kids will be tested on. But something valuable just the same.

That is why I created this book. To help teachers maximize this time in the classroom, those extra fifteen minutes, where even though your best laid plans might have gone awry, you’re still a kick ass teacher anyway.

Edge the Bare Garden

Edge the bare garden Roseanne Cheng Wise Ink.jpg

Agnes’s young life has been full of daily taunts and rejections, so when the opportunity arises for her to get a little payback from the people who’ve hurt her, she takes it. But serious questions arise when her online revenge spirals quickly and irreversibly out of control. At what point does retribution go too far? Who is responsible in an online world where no one is willing to take the blame?

“Bullying, self-doubt, redemption, and self-acceptance are but some of the universal themes that the author, Cheng tackles here, in beautifully written prose that is authentic in tone without being preachy.” —Amazon review, Richard R.

The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High

Take Back of Lincoln Junior High Roseanne Cheng.jpg

Lincoln Junior High is out of money. For Andrew and Hannah, this means no sports, no music, and no fun. That is, until the principal begins a corporate sponsorship program to ''Take-Back'' the school. A few advertisements in exchange for cool programs and new technology can't be that bad. Or can it?

As the school year progresses, Andrew and Hannah notice that the corporations have become more important than the students. Risking their own reputations, they set out to rid the school of sponsorships, once and for all. In the effort to kick out the corporations, they uncover a secret about the program they never could have imagined, a secret that puts the survival of the school at risk.

Will Andrew and Hannah be able to take back their school from the Take Back program?