About Teachable Lit

Founded by the award-winning author of The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High and Edge the Bare Garden, Teachable Lit is dedicated to helping teachers make the most of their time in the classroom with thoughtful literature and easy-to-use mini lessons to keep students engaged and learning. 

The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High

Edge the Bare Garden

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The Tireless Teacher Toolkit: 51 Mini Lessons for Language Arts Teachers to Keep Students Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Until the Bell Rings

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The new book created to help teachers make the most of their oh sh*t moments.

The Tireless Teacher Toolkit includes 51 mini lessons designed for language arts teachers to keep students reading, writing, listening, and speaking until the bell rings.

“The is a practical, realistic, non-condescending, funny, and empathetic guide to teaching. I love it! —Kelly Holstine, 2018 Minnesota Teacher of the Year

Written by Roseanne Cheng and published by Wise Ink Creative Publishing.